Known for their bubbly brand of gar-unge rock, Kingston indie upstarts Melon Collie Caravan (web link) deviate from their prototypical playbook on their new single, I Play The Bass. Released January 8, 2024, the bassline-driven song shows the band is more dimensional—and funkier—than we're used to hearing, and shifts the spotlight onto bassist Ethan Nattrass (pictured).

While it may not be a total rump-shaker, I Play The Bass is a damn groovy hip-swinger, at the very least. Recorded and produced by Sean Tomalty at Limestone Loft Creative Studios (web link), the song emerged from a jam session at a friend’s house; a place the band affectionately calls "The Shed."

The band, which also includes Ezra Cooper (vocals), Jiyei Hawke (keys), Connor McDonald and Lucas Wimmer (drums), has released a string of singles since early 2020 blending their grunge, alt and psych-rock influences (which are still present on I Play The Bass). Nattrass cites songs like Epic by Faith No More, E Pro by Beck, and Moanin' and Groanin' by Bill Withers as inspiration for the bassline in the new single.

If you've passed off Melon Collie Caravan's past releases as topically juvenile or trivial—songs about cats or wobbly fungi come to mind—expect more of the same silliness on I Play The Bass, although the band treads musically closer to more mature territory. Nattrass and McDonald co-wrote the lighthearted lyrics which include a reference to guitar legend Robert Johnson's Cross Road Blues, while Nattrass' performance delivers on the song title.

With plans to record a full length album soon, Melon Collie Caravan continues to perform live regularly in Kingston, with their next show scheduled for February 9 at The Mansion with The Petras and Excuses Excuses (web link). In the meantime, you can listen to I Play The Bass on Spotify and other popular streaming services.

Photo: Virginia Meeks Posted: Jan 10, 2024
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