Shook Planet, a rising indie rock band in Kingston, recently released their new single "You're Not Gonna Do It" (Shook Planet/Plastered Cactus). The song serves as a reminder of the dangers of refusing help and taking on too many responsibilities. Inspired by early Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Franz Ferdinand, Jack White, and Blur, the track features a catchy guitar riff and powerful vocals.

Musically, "You're Not Gonna Do It" falls in line with Shook Planet's debut EP but explores new territory with a heavier sound. The guitar riff takes center stage, allowing the vocals to call out over the driving instrumentals. This single marks a new chapter for the band, and they wanted to keep it within their wheelhouse while still experimenting with fresh elements.

One notable difference in this single is the inclusion of other musicians besides the band's frontman, Ted Evans. Jackson Baird joins on bass, while Zach Sykes contributes lead and rhythm guitar, as well as drums. Ted also played various guitar parts, including a lapsteel slide guitar. Keaton, a notable member of the hip-hop community in Kingston, helped write some of the lyrics, adding his touch to the third verse and alternate chorus.

The creative process for "You're Not Gonna Do It" started with a demo that Ted recorded with bass, guitars, and vocals. After sharing it with the band, they realized there were many changes to be made. Zach took over the drums, adding his own flair to the track. Jackson also decided to re-record his bass part after playing the song live for a few months. After going through numerous mixes, the band finally achieved a version they were all proud of.

When asked about the message behind the song, Ted explained that he likes to leave the interpretation open to the listener. While there is a theme of asking for help, he believes that people will find their own connections and meanings in the lyrics. The song mentions water-themed elements and plays with perspective and poetic devices. Ted's writing process usually starts with a guitar riff that evokes a certain emotion, and the lyrics naturally flow from there.

Looking ahead, Shook Planet has exciting plans for the future. They recently added a drummer named Ryan to the band, who will be a significant part of producing their next 6-song EP. The band also plans to re-record Ted's solo EP, "Best Buddy," with the entire band involved this time. They will add two new songs to the EP for a fresh take on their studio material. Additionally, Shook Planet is working on their debut album, which will include a new version of "You're Not Gonna Do It" featuring the whole band.

Overall, "You're Not Gonna Do It" showcases Shook Planet's growth and evolution as a band. With their unique sound and captivating lyrics, they hope to excite listeners for what's to come in their musical journey.

Ted Evans: Vocals, rhythm guitar, slide guitar
Zach Sykes: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums
Jackson Baird: Bass

Music written by Ted
Lyrics written by Ted and Keaton
Engineered by Ted and Zach
Mixed by Ted
Produced by Ted, Zach, and Jackson
Mastered by Ted Posted: Jul 6, 2023 Originally Published: Jul 6, 2023
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