Mercy Mercy, the new single by Kingston’s The Glorious Sons, finds them in fine form ahead of the release of their fourth LP Glory. An acoustic guitar intro (that returns briefly as a mid song break) quickly gives way to arena ready drums and an upbeat rock backing track. Vocalist Brett Emmons’ perfectly strained and energetic chorus about the lengths to which we sometimes take things contrasts expertly with the sober, post-anger perspective of the verses.

Rock solid alt-Canadiana that takes a look down south as well (from the guitar leads to the gospel influenced backing vocals). It all adds up to a track that sounds like it will have a welcome spot on rock radio all summer long (I’m humming the hook in my head as I type this review). Given their accolades, steady upward trajectory, reputation as live performers, and the strength of this single, I think fans (old and new) can look forward to great album and supporting tour this fall. Posted: Jun 15, 2023 Originally Published: Jun 15, 2023
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