Hartman's latest release, Murray & Mitchell, is a captivating hip-hop track that takes inspiration from the resilience and skill displayed by NBA players Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell during the pandemic-stricken 2020 NBA playoffs. The song effortlessly flows with complex rhyme schemes and personal undertones, creating an easy-to-listen-to experience.

This track was a labor of love for Hartman, as it evolved over a span of years. Starting with a few initial bars written during the pandemic, Hartman continuously revisited and added lines that resonated with his own life experiences. The song gradually built itself, culminating in a powerful reflection of the initial inspiration that struck him while watching Murray and Mitchell compete. With vocals recorded in his home studio, Hartman later took the track to Limestone Loft Creative Studios, where engineer Sean Tomalty revamped the beat, incorporating various instruments and preserving the song's original vibe and concept.

Murray & Mitchell carries a distinct old-school feel, characterized by the skillful use of samples. The inclusion of elements from the movie The Cinderella Man, particularly in the intro and outro, adds a unique touch to the song. The track presents a captivating yin and yang dynamic, as the instrumentation exudes a lighter ambiance while the subject matter delves into honest and raw emotions, occasionally exploring darker undertones. Throughout the song, listeners experience moments of triumph alongside introspection, encouraging them to question their own paths in life.

Hartman's main goal with Murray & Mitchell was to showcase his pen game, demonstrating his prowess in maintaining intricate rhyme schemes and interconnecting subject matters throughout the track. In line with the theme of trusting the process in life, the song urges listeners to embrace the unpredictable nature of existence, reminding them that life rarely follows a linear path.

Influenced by renowned MCs such as Earl Sweatshirt, MF DOOM, and Mac Miller, Hartman draws inspiration from their ability to blend multiple emotions and themes within a single song. The use of movie samples, a technique inspired by Mac Miller's "Faces" mixtape and MF DOOM and Madlib's "Madvillainy" album, adds layers and undertones to "Murray & Mitchell," enhancing its complexity.

Hartman has exciting plans for the track, including the production of a music video that will be released before the end of the summer. While details are being kept under wraps, anticipation is building as the creative process is already underway. The song has already received positive feedback, with listeners praising the lyrics and flow. Hartman believes that "Murray & Mitchell," along with his previous release, The Dead Don't Sleep, represents a significant step forward in creating music that truly reflects his artistic vision and authentic sound.

What sets Murray & Mitchell apart is its unwavering authenticity. It captures Hartman's essence and musical preferences flawlessly, aligning with his vision as an artist. Hip-hop enthusiasts and followers of Hartman's journey should not miss the opportunity to explore this track, as it represents a powerful statement of artistic integrity.

In conclusion, Murray & Mitchell by Hartman is a remarkable release that showcases the artist's growth and artistic maturity. With its infectious flow, introspective lyrics, and skillful production, the track solidifies Hartman's position as an artist true to himself and his unique sound. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases, as he continues to push boundaries and share his musical journey with the world. Posted: Jul 19, 2023 Originally Published: Jul 19, 2023
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