In an unexpected turn of events, the captivating single, Magnolia, emerged when Beatrice Keeler and Ryan Gollogly—the two talented musicians behind Kingston-based act Reckless & Banded (web link)—were on the brink of discovering the band's identity. Little did they know that their impromptu session in Skeleton Park would lead to a remarkable piece of music that has come to define their musical journey together.

As they brainstormed band names, inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning. Bea's guitar chords seamlessly intertwined with Ryan's mesmerizing melody, and before they knew it, a song was born!

While maintaining their signature two-piece essence, Bea and Ryan acknowledged the allure of a full band, especially for certain songs that yearned for a fuller sound. This recognition laid the groundwork for the perfect synergy between the two halves, allowing their music to blossom into its fullest potential.

With Magnolia, Reckless & Banded hope listeners feel the love that was poured into the song, and invite them to interpret this love in their own way, making the single a profoundly personal experience for anyone who encounters it.

Behind the scenes, the recording process proved to be just as magical as the song itself. Curtis Weekes took charge of the instrumentation, while Sean Tomalty of Limestone Loft Studios (web link) skillfully captured the essence of the vocals.

Released on July 28, 2023, Magnolia grants listeners to Reckless & Banded's full-band sound. With its evocative melodies and poignant lyrics, it Magnolia is befitting of a Wes Anderson movie soundtrack, transporting listeners into a world of cinematic wonder.

For those eager to experience the magic of Reckless & Banded live, they will be performing at Back to the Farm Beer & Music Festival just west of Kingston later this summer (web link). Posted: Jul 27, 2023 Originally Published: Jul 27, 2023
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