Kingston's Piner has released a new song and accompanying music video, A Part Of It. The single is the final in a series tied to action-based initiatives in advance of a forthcoming full-length album, A Netherworld, to be released March 24, 2023. The new single, A Part Of It, “...displays snapshots of community members in the various towns and cities I’ve lived in,” notes Kingston-born Claya Way-Brackenbury (a.k.a. Piner), who currently resides in Nova Scotia. “My fellow neighbours have felt the effects of gentrification, rising rents and lack of adequate, affordable housing. Across the country we’ve seen housing treated as an investment opportunity and luxury commodity, rather than as a social good or as a human right.” A news release also cited the work of Providence Village Inc. (PVI) in Kingston, who have a plan to repurpose the soon-to-be-vacant Providence Manor as a community hub focused on affordable housing to be known as Providence Commons. PVI’s preliminary feasibility report suggests 184 units of different sizes accommodating 230 individuals could be supported. “I encourage you all to work within your cities and towns to join community groups that challenge government officials to incentivize affordable and non-market housing,” urges Piner. “Countries all over the world have enacted successful, compassionate, and smart solutions to the issue of housing. Let us make our communities more liveable and equitable places where housing is a basic human right. We are all a part of it.” Piner's forthcoming album, A Netherworld, is a collaborative project of hope, conceptualized throughout challenging and fractured times. “In A Netherworld, I continue to dream of a way forward,” explains Piner. “I see collective action. I see a new world built from compassion and contemplation. The foundations of this new world are community, connection, care, and change.” The music video for A Part Of It was funded by Music Nova Scotia and directed by Nicole Cecile Holland. Posted: May 3, 2023 Originally Published: Feb 28, 2023
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