The creative output of local next-gen hip-hop artist, Jean Jacques Dupel (web link), seems exceptional. While young, the Kingston born-and-raised bilingual rapper, now known simply as "Dupel" (or d'zoo-pell as he'd coached us to properly pronounce it), has become impossible to ignore… and unlike some hip-hop acts, parents seemingly approve. Or moms at least.

In 2023, Dupel released the 12-track LP, Flower Rap, along with several other singles and music videos, plus a chill, 4-song EP titled Don't Mind Me. This past spring saw Dupel co-release Mementos, a collaborative EP with Kingston's KaKaow (web link), and since then, he's performed regularly with appearances at HomeGrown Live Music Festival and Musiikki Café.

Somehow, he's found the time and energy to pull together an astonishing ninth album, Moms Love Dupel, due out September 15. His third release this year, the mixtape is a testament to Dupel’s relentless dedication to his craft, bringing fresh waves of creativity to listeners in rapid succession.

Beneath the beats and rhymes, Moms Love Dupel dives deeper than you might expect a young rapper to go. The album explores themes of self-worth, disconnection and the search for identity. As the narrative unfolds, the realization emerges: ignoring past traumas in favour of a facade begets an incomplete existence. Through Dupel’s introspective verses, a universal truth is unveiled—no matter how masterfully one conceals their pain, it inevitably finds a way to seep through the cracks.

A highlight of Moms Love Dupel is a poignant spoken word interlude. A testament to vulnerability, Dupel tells a tale of love and loss, painting a vivid portrait of heartache and longing with raw candor. The poem opens a window to Dupel's soul, as he extends an empathetic hand to listeners who may relate their own journeys of unrequited love and unfulfilled dreams with his.

In the tapestry of Moms Love Dupel, we find an artist who defies convention, weaving his experiences into a melodic narrative that traverses the depths of human emotion. Through philosophical introspection and musical exploration, Dupel crafts a mixtape that isn’t just a collection of tracks, but a profound journey of self-discovery and artistic liberation.

As the release date approaches, listeners stand on the precipice of an expedition that promises to linger long after the last note fades. Posted: Sep 10, 2023
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