As evidenced by their regular live performances in Kingston, Montréal indie rock trio James Blonde have a thing for K-Town. Phil, Neil and Stephan have hit the road to tour their latest album, Chameleon, with a stop here in Kingston September 28 for a show at The Mansion. (web link)

Released September 8, Chameleon traverses more expansive musical territory than previous offerings. "Whether you wanna rock out while punching holes in drywall on Red Bull or cry yourself to sleep in a melancholic stupor, this album has something for you," described the band in statement to Kingston Live.

Drawing influences from Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Black Keys, Mother Mother and even The Beatles, James Blonde offers ten new songs on Chameleon spanning rock and pop to R&B and electronica. In the band's words, "It’s a ton of variety, and the thing gluing them all together is that it’s just the three of us changing up our musical colours: hence the album name."

The roots of James Blonde's love affair with Kingston goes back a number of years. "We got our start playing at Clark Hall Pub at Queen’s University and played subsequently at The Brooklyn (R.I.P.) before finding our home away from home at our favourite local spot: The Mansion," explained the band. "We’ve been playing Kingston for years and have had some amazing shows with incredible local acts including The Wilderness and Kasador, including some sold-out sweaty nights. Kingston has become our second hometown."

The September 28 tour stop at The Mansion will include local act, Red Compass Rose. Attendees can expect James Blonde's signature melodic, tight, introspective indie rock. As the band explained, "The audience will experience fun, three-part harmonies, a well-greased live rock band, and a possible run in with guitarist, Steph, who likes to occasionally visit the crowd off stage during songs."

Advance tickets for James Blonde at The Mansion on September 28 are $15 each or $20 at the door, which opens at 7:30 pm. web link Posted: Sep 14, 2023 Originally Published: Sep 14, 2023
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