Patrick Dorie is an acclaimed folk rock songwriter from Bowmanville, Ontario. That's right, Bowmanville is in the house! Whether he is playing solo, or backed by his trio (Andrew Ivens - pedal steel; David Chown - baritone guitar), Patrick Dorie brings the sounds of psychedelic folk rock through his dramatic storytelling and orchestrated fingerpicking style. Catch Patrick and his trio playing their original brand of folk rock when they come to The Cove on Monday, June 17 from 5-8pm! (web link)

Seamus Cowan: We are excited to have you back at The Cove with your trio, Patrick! I feel like the psychedelic sounds you tap into are really inspired by artists of days gone by. I hear blues, country, Appalachian folk, Dylan. What inspires you most in your writing?

Patrick Dorie: Thanks for having us back. We’re very excited to return to The Cove Inn and even more excited to bring David Chown with us. I definitely grew up listening to a lot of Bob Dylan. The first time I heard the album Blood on the Tracks I was hooked. One of the most important elements in music (for me) has always been the story telling. The inspiration for most of our tunes is usually pretty random. It all depends on the phases and changes of life and whatever music I’m really into… right now it’s Zeppelin.

Q: Your online video streams of your performances called Live from The Bunker are great! You and your guitar, like you're on your home stage. Was this a series that came out of solitary necessity during COVID?

Patrick: Kevin Foster reached out to me a couple of years ago about a YouTube series he was doing called, Live From The Bunker. I felt like it was a great opportunity to put some newer music out there. I’d say it helped me get back in the saddle again after COVID. It had been a while since I did anything. Kev is a fantastic guy and great musician. We became pals after the video… that was the best outcome from the experience.

Q: I see you are touring around. I used to do lots of that but not so much anymore! How is it on the scene these days for an artist like yourself? Are you getting some good responses and support out there?

Patrick: I’d say every show is different when on the road. You never know what you’re gonna get but for the most part we seem to be received well. A lot of it is reading the room and knowing what to put out there. Social media is definitely a big part of it these days… and I’m still learning how to navigate that world.

Q: It's always a great feat recording a full record. This one you have coming out called "Love Songs For The Loveless" sounds very personal. Don't mean to pry, but would you care to tell us a story of its content?

Patrick: We hustled and put a lot of work into recording Love Songs for The Loveless over the past year. I couldn’t be more proud of the record and what we’ve accomplished. We can’t wait to share it with everybody. I feel like most of my tunes always sound more personal than what they actually are but that’s for the listener to determine. Every song on the record tells its own little story from having a holiday fling to finding the love of your life. There’s even a tune written from the perspective of a murderer on death row…. none of these stories are about me though… especially that last one.

Q: As you continue on your musical career path, I have a feeling you are a soldier of the craft. I know you have a busy life outside music but it seems like you will always have it in you to create. Is this accurate?

Patrick: I will always create music no matter where life takes me. It’s the great escape. I hope to record several more records through the years and keep playing shows. I feel like I’ve finally found the right group of people to play music with too. Life is definitely chaotic at times but I’ll always find time to sing. Posted: Jun 6, 2024 Originally Published: Jun 5, 2024
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